Obrazek dekoracyjny przedstawiający zioła
Obrazek dekoracyjny przedstawiający zioła

About us

We are a trading company dealing in wholesale of dried herbs, located in Lublin, in south-eastern Poland. The Lublin region boasts a clean natural environment and deep agricultural traditions. The company was founded in 2000.

The main task of the Mind Consulting company is, above all, the high quality of raw materials, proper and careful preparation of herbs, their standardization and packaging before delivery to the final customer.

The quality of the medicinal herbs we offer meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and is consistent with the requirements contained in the specification submitted by the customer. Our company pays special attention to the needs of customers, offering favorable terms of cooperation.

We look forward to your contact.

Obrazek Ziolowy Srodek

Our offer

Our offer includes a whole range of Polish herbs from natural harvest and from traditional cultivation. Whole herbs, roots, fruits, flowers and spices are available. We sell herbs in all forms: whole, cut, sieved or fixes, ready to be packed in bags.

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