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Increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise by implementing the results of research and development work through product innovation

Regional Operational Program of the Lublin Province 2014-2020

3.7 Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs

Value of the project:
3 002 258,84 zł,

EU funding:
1 682 890,96 zł,

The primary objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the company by implementing the results of R&D work through innovative software for improving the physical fitness of Users.

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INQUIRY ZO/MIND/1/2021 - 22.09.2021 r. Lublin

In connection with Announcement No. 2021-9520-70589 posted in the Competitiveness Database, we invite all entities to submit bids for "Implementation of technology service with accompanying elements for Mind Consulting Jakub Zielinski ZO/MIND/1/2021". For more details, please visit:
Link to site

Deadline for submission of offers 2020-10-27.

If interested, please submit bids to zamowienia.mindconsultingjz@gmail.com, Competitive Database or in person as required by the OC. For more information, please email zamowienia.mindconsultingjz@gmail.com or call 690 960 930.