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Welfare and health technologies - Implementation of product innovation by the company Mind Consulting Jakub Zielinski

19 Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

19.1.3 Technologies to improve quality of life - Welfare and health technologies

Value of the project:
3 141 100.02 zł

1 287 210.00 zł

The primary objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the company through the implementation of the results of the research work through the innovative software "Fixmee Plus".The primary objective will be achieved through the specific objectives set by the Applicant, i.e., among other things, the implementation of the results of the research and development work through an innovative product, thereby providing services based on modern technologies, and increasing the expansion of the company in new markets, in particular by strengthening bilateral relations with Norway. The object of implementation is an innovative system for conducting remote rehabilitation, training, prevention and strengthening plans, especially taking into account people from disadvantaged groups(people with lower limb inertia, seniors, people with paralysis or paresis, amputees). The system will use Fixmee Plus modules: Model, Guide, Training, Monitor, Reminder, Profile, Award, Edu, Contact, Report, Band, Community. The system allows the appropriate adjustment of a given physical activity through the use of the Guide module(a selection path in the form of a decision tree" determining one's own goals and training preferences) further supported by the Model module ("Skeletal system", "Muscle System", "Real human model"). Models are used to correctly mark the body part that the User would like to stimulate/rehabilitate. The module has the ability to mark excluded body parts due to paresis or paralysis of the lower limbs, for example, and to determine the degree of amputation of the lower or upper limb. Another feature of the module is the determination of (healed/unhealed) injuries or traumas, the above information will be used to search for a suitable plan, as well as allow the User to build his own history of trauma with the necessary information accompanying the event (date of onset, treatment history, multiple injuries, etc.). A detailed description of the modules can be found in sections VIII and IX.

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Zamówienie dla projektu: Welfare and health technologies – Wdrożenie innowacyjności produktowej przez przedsiębiorstwo Mind Consulting Jakub Zieliński

Nazwa zamówienia: „Wykonanie spójnego systemu informatycznego Fixmee Plus obejmującego aplikację mobilną i webową wraz z wykonaniem dedykowanej strony internetowej”
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Inny rodzaj: Beneficjent w ramach Norweskiego Mechanizmu Finansowego na lata 2014-2021
Budżet w ramach zamówienia(numer publikacji ogłoszenia 337276-2023) pn. „Wykonanie spójnego systemu informatycznego Fixmee Plus obejmującego aplikację mobilną i webową wraz z wykonaniem dedykowanej strony internetowej” realizowanego przez Mind Consulting Jakub Zieliński wynosi 2 185 710,00 zł brutto. 
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